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From the Troop Scribe

Update Notice

posted Oct 1, 2013, 2:04 PM by Troop 521 Scribe

Please note that I have updated the "LBL Orienteering Course" and "Troop Meeting Setup #5" posts with new information.

Troop Meeting Setup #5

posted Sep 24, 2013, 9:50 AM by Troop 521 Scribe   [ updated Oct 1, 2013, 1:16 PM ]

September 30: At this meeting scouts will be taught/retaught basic orienteering skills in preparation for October 5th/6th, and any remaining time will be used by all involved to work on the Personal Management Merit Badge.

October 7: This meeting is planned to be entirely comprised of a comprehensive rank review game; the SPL has more details.

October 14: Ha Ha, just kidding- the Troop will not be meeting due to Fall Break. Remember, scouts, even on vacation, do a Good Turn daily!

October 21: This is the scheduled date for the next Court of Honor.

October 28: This meeting will be the reiteration of the BSA 3 R's Safety lesson; all scouts can benefit from learning more on the subject.

November 4: This meeting will have a Totin' Chip (woodworking tools) skill review. Scouts wishing to run for office in November 18th's Troop Elections must inform the SPL of their intent.

November 11: The Troop will not be meeting out of respect for Veterans Day, although we may be marching in the parade as part of a larger group (likely Cub Scouts); this is still being planned.

November 18: This meeting will be used for the twice-annual Troop Elections; remember, all scouts wanting to run for a position must inform the SPL at November 4th's meeting.

Fall MBU 2013

posted Sep 24, 2013, 9:23 AM by Troop 521 Scribe

Just as a reminder, Merit Badge University is on Saturday September 28. Scouts participating should bring water (optional), paper, pencils/pens, any applicable merit badge pamphlets or worksheets, and a good attitude :) .

LBL Orienteering Course

posted Sep 24, 2013, 9:16 AM by Troop 521 Scribe   [ updated Oct 1, 2013, 3:00 PM ]

All scouts who need the First Class rank requirement 2 can earn it at the Troop's new orienteering course at Land Between the Lakes. We are making this a single-day outing (probably less than six hours total, including drive time) on Saturday October 5th, with a weather fallback date in the afternoon of Sunday October 6th. Participants will meet at Clarksville Academy at 10:00-10:30 A.M., arrive at the park's South Welcome Station around 11:30 A.M., do three 100 ft pace count measures (for precision), then head out toward their bearings on the mile-long course. The Scoutmaster has the more-detailed instruction sheet for participants; I also have the document if he is not available. I highly recommend all scouts either lacking the requirement or simply wishing to brush up on their orienteering skills to participate in the outing. Those who wish to participate must bring their own magnetic compass; an electronic compass or GPS will not qualify :) .

Here is a packing list for all participants:
- Compass (as specified above)
- Writing utensil
- Notepad or loose paper
- Personal prepared lunch
- Money for dinner (probably not necessary for a mile-long course, but bring cash anyway)
- Personal water supply for drinking
- Weather appropriate clothing (there currently is a 60% chance of rain, so scouts should bring a poncho/rain jacket to Be Prepared. These will only be used if it is not raining from the start)
- Hiking boots with hiking socks for comfort (optional)
- Backpack to carry listed gear

Troop Meeting Setup #4

posted Jul 29, 2013, 3:24 PM by Troop 521 Scribe

August 12: Scouts will review BSA safety rules, such as: don't sleep on highways, don't tie your buddy to the bottom of a canoe, etc. :) (actually they are much more serious). This will also be the all-important LASHINGS INSTRUCTION which all of our scouts will benefit from, whether it be through learning, review, or teaching. It will directly follow-up the August 5 knots instruction (see "Troop Meeting Setup #3 and Scribe's Update").

August 19: This will be another opportunity for scouts to potentially work on the Personal Fitness merit badge, as well as a lesson on practical orienteering skills from the senior scouts. It will also likely be a pre-Grimes informational meeting to prepare scouts for a canoeing trip at Grimes Canoe Base. This may be updated, as the outing has yet to be planned.

August 26: This will be an in-depth review on first aid carries, a skill many of our scouts need to improve their abilities in. It will also, once again, be another opportunity to work on Personal Fitness, or to possibly plan a new Troop-wide merit badge.

September 2: This is a relatively unplanned meeting; scouts may work on personal requirements or the applicable Troop-wide merit badge.

Important Notice

posted Jul 29, 2013, 2:57 PM by Troop 521 Scribe

Will the Troop please note that I have updated the "Troop Meeting Setup #3 and Scribe's Update" post to include the revised plans, especially for the meeting of August 5. No longer being a PLC, all scouts are invited to attend as on a normal meeting. This is a very important teaching session for all scouts below First Class in rank and also provides good demonstration opportunities for senior scouts. Scouts may also be working on the Personal Fitness merit badge, if the counselor is able and willing.

Troop Meeting Setup #3 and Scribe's Update

posted Jun 19, 2013, 2:41 PM by Troop 521 Scribe   [ updated Jul 29, 2013, 2:39 PM ]

If you can't tell by the name, this post is a continuation of the meeting plan posts made by me back when I was Troop Scribe. I expect to be creating posts often to convey information pertaining to both our Troop Meetings and Troop outings; I only hope that someone will read these once in a while :) . Anyway, now to write something useful:

June 24: This Troop Meeting will be dominated by an inter-Troop merit badge; those not participating will likely work on rank requirements. The Senior Patrol Leader has more detailed plans, which the acting SPL and adult leaders will access and apply to the best of their ability.

July 1: This will be the one-week-out meeting before Summer Camp and senior scouts and adults will discuss final preparations for Boxwell. Adults will also finalize Summer Camp paperwork for the scouts (all paperwork is in the possession of adult coordinators). A gear check is currently not planned or required, which is all as usual. Scouts may possibly work on their merit badge from June 24.

July 8: This will be the first full day of Troop 521's Summer Camp week, where our scouts will be busy learning and enjoying the heat of summer. A Patrol Leaders' Committee (PLC) meeting will be conducted at the campsite by all applicable scouts attending Summer Camp; these are the acting SPL/Scribe, acting ASPL/Quartermaster, and all attending Patrol Leaders. Most likely it will occur when all scouts have finished the day's worth of merit badge classes.

July 15: This meeting will be the usual Summer Camp debriefing and Troop performance evaluation. There are Scoutmaster Conferences scheduled, so the remaining scouts will focus on various rank requirements and learning activities. If applicable, scouts may possibly continue work on the merit badge started on June 24.

July 22: This meeting is scheduled for certain scouts' Boards of Review as a follow-up from the last meeting, along with general work on rank requirements for scouts who need them, with senior scouts in a supportive role teaching and testing one-on-one. If the merit badge started on June 24 is not complete it will hopefully be finished at the Troop level by the end of this meeting.

July 29: This will be a Court of Honor for all scouts. Remember to wear full class A's including your merit badge sash*, BSA socks*, and preferably, your neckerchief. Scouts conducting the flag ceremony (chosen at event) must be in full class A's with their sashes*. Those scouts who have standing completed requirements may have them signed off at the end of the ceremony once they inform the acting SPL.

August 5: This is sheduled to be a PLC and Troop Committee meeting; HOWEVER scouts will not be conducting a PLC due to overlapping plans already created. Adults will still have their Committee session but scouts will be learning how to tie and use a great variety of BSA knots, followed by a lashings teaching the next meeting (see "Troop Meeting Setup #4"). If time permits, scouts will also review first aid techniques or work on the Personal Fitness merit badge, counselor willing.

*For those who own one.

Update, 7/18/2012

posted Jul 18, 2012, 4:37 PM by Troop 521 Scribe   [ updated Jul 24, 2012, 9:48 AM ]

This is the update that you have all been waiting for.
This is the update that is LONG overdue.
This is,
An update from the Troop Scribe.

So, it has been about a year since the last scribe made a post here. I hope to keep better track of things than my previous counterparts.
Now then, I will be updating these dates with more information as it is supplied.
So far we have,
7/30/2012        Troop Meeting
                Troop Committee and Patrol Leaders Council will meet.  
                Scouts and their families not involved in either do not need to attend the meeting.

8/6/2012          Troop Meeting
             Final plan-out for Grimes trip.
                 Menu planning and plans for shopping will be put together.  
                 All Scouts planning to attend the activity should be at this meeting if possible.  
                 We will be covering safe swim defense and safety afloat to complete those requirements and prepare for the trip.

8/10/2012        Grimes Canoe Base ~25 Miler 
            This is the rigorous, grueling 25 mile canoe trip that we do roughly every year. Due to flooding the old 25-mile take-out point on the river is no longer available, instead we paddle roughly 30 miles total. If you would like to go you must have joined us on one of our 7 mile expeditions down the Buffalo River, as these are much easier and we are able to train/test you and your ability to maneuver a canoe. If you have met the first requirement you can certainly join us as we joyful tread down the river, riding through light currents and paddling through the calmest water you have every seen there is also the ever important duty that involves fending off fellow boy scouts that may attempt to sabotage your craft. All in all this is a very fun scouting activity. 
           •As I said before, the basic requirements are that you must attend at least one 7-Miler trip.
           •If you would like to come, you contact the scoutmaster (Scoutmaster[at]Troop521.org) or you can attend our Boy Scout meeting on 8/6/2012 to get your name on the list.
           • We also have a some basic requirements that must be fulfilled in order for us to go: 
                        •The weather predictions for the trip must be favorable
                        •There must be water in the Buffalo River
                        •The Universe has to be in a normal state
Other information will be supplied as time passes. . .

Troop Meeting setup #2

posted Sep 15, 2011, 9:21 AM by Troop 521 Scribe   [ updated Sep 23, 2011, 5:13 PM ]

The following specifically describes how the Troop Meetings from September 19, 2011 to October 24, 2011 will be conducted.
Please note that the post "Times for Meeting activities" has been edited to included more exact times.

September 19: Since the cub scouts will be visiting and participating in the Meeting on this date, the previous plans have been changed to include them. Naturally, all scouts should be on their best behavior and wear complete, impressive class A uniforms (again, merit badge sashes will not be necessary).
If at all possible, the Webelos from among them, as well as scouts from the Screaming Eagle patrol, will conduct the opening ceremony. All scouts will be reviewing fire & stove safety*, and for patrol activities will be either learning/reviewing or teaching how to tie and use lashings (the Tiger patrol will be helping/teaching the others). The recreational activity will include the cub scouts and teach them the scout law (if you want the rules you should ask the ASPL). The merit badge pamphlets for the Merit Badge University need to be ready on this Meeting by accord of the Troop Librarian.
*Scouts from Troop 521 will also be checking to see who can participate in the October 8 Land Between the Lakes 10 mile hike (cub scouts may be included; those going will complete a 3 mile hike).

September 26: The Blue Wolf patrol will be conducting the opening ceremony at this Meeting. Everyone going to the Merit Badge University (MBU) will be discussing and preparing for it. The Screaming Eagles will help the Blue wolves learn/complete various skills/requirements, and the Tiger patrol will be having a first aid review. This is also the Meeting at which scouts who have paid their $4 beforehand (the September 19 Troop Meeting is the last chance) will have a pizza party.

October 3: The Blue Wolves will open the Meeting. The whole troop will be preparing for the Fall Camporee (emails with information should be sent out to parents no later than this date). The Tigers now will be teaching the Wolves, and the Eagles will have a first aid review.

October 10: The Tigers will be opening the Meeting. All scouts going to the Fall Camporee will be discussing and paying for it. Please note that the Scoutmaster needs a final count of scouts participating by this date. The Tigers and Eagles will be helping the Wolves in a physical (non verbal; where action must be taken) first aid test.

October 17: The Eagles will open the meeting. This meeting is specifically meant for Boards of Review and Troop elections, though scouts may possibly (more information should come later) plan the meals for the Fall Camporee and adults may settle the transportation situation.

October 24: The Wolves will conduct the opening ceremony. Scouts may possibly as a Troop begin the Pulp and Paper Merit Badge. While the Tigers help the Wolves review knots and the Eagles review first aid for poisonous plants, certain scouts will complete the already-begun Canoeing Merit Badge. The recreational activity will be a variation of CTF that will help review the Scout Oath and Law.

September 19 Meeting

posted Sep 15, 2011, 8:43 AM by Troop 521 Scribe

September 19 will be an important day for Troop 521, as cub scouts will be visiting during the meeting.
Needless to say, all scouts should behave as best they can and should wear full, proper class A uniforms (sashes will not be needed, however).

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